Utilization of the database

The utilization of the online database –BRC14Database– can be done in two ways: through the table available in the Database page or through the maps, available in the Maps page.

The table is organized in alphabetical order of the sites. We present all samples from each site sequentially before data from another site is presented. Each line corresponds to a sample, which is our basic unit of analysis.

It is also possible to use the search tool by words or numbers. In this case, the search will indicate all the cells where a coincidence exists with the required information.

In the case of searching by maps, we provide interactive maps that can be viewed for millennia (defined by uncalibrated dates) or in general, with all sites plotted. Each point on the map corresponds to a location. Clicking on the point will open a dialog box containing information about the Site Name, the oldest date, the most recent date and the number of dates available for the site. Then there is a link “See details” that is connected to the pagina “Database”. By clicking on it you will be directed to the master database, having access to all the information available for that site.

At this time, data referring to Sigla / Name / N.lab / Conventional Date BP / Standard deviation / δ13C / Dating Method / Dated material / State / Region / Biome / Primary reference / Secondary reference(s) are available for open consultation.

If you are interested in conducting a more detailed consultation, we request that the interested party contact us via email: brc14database@gmail.com

The request will be evaluated by the project coordinator and the response sent by email.