How to collaborate?

The insertion of data, the checking and improvement of the available information are constant activities. We know that research is dynamic and data often takes time to be updated in publications, and that not all published material is currently available and accessible online. In addition, the large amount of data involved in building and managing large databases requires extra attention to avoid the presentation of duplicate, exchanged, and misleading data.

In this sense, we strongly encourage the participation of all interested parties by sending information on new dates, on data complementary to the dates already inserted or on corrections of possible mistakes related to the dates made available.

Those interested in participating should send a message to the email, indicating in the message field if it is a new date insertion, correction / enhancement of the date already inserted.

In the case of insertion of new dates, we request that those interested in sending the data download the excel file available here and insert the data following the guidelines present in the “metadata” spreadsheet.

If there is interest in becoming a regular collaborator of the project, it is possible to register for inclusion in the team, with access to the management of the data available in the database.

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Engrange Vecteurs by Vecteezy

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